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It’s the quality of our relationships and connections that brings quality to our lives not success and money!

As you go for that dream job, entrepreneurial activity, body, house or car.

Are you truly satisfied and happy?

My experience is that 30 mins after any of these achievements the excitement and exile ration will disappear

"Go against the grain of mediocrity and create a life of distinction."


Embrace the &

I am stressed out of my mind


there is a project due tomorrow.

I am stressed out of my mind


there is a project due tomorrow.


puts the responsibility on the evidence. Because; implies causation. Something was present therefore I had an emotion. Often the 2 situations aren’t related.

Whether it’s due tomorrow or not is not going to change. Many people that have a project due tomorrow aren’t stressed out. Being stressed can change it’s a choice. The evidence isn’t causing the emotion. Emotions are not wrong, but we shouldn't let external situations drive our emotions. The alternative is to use AND

We can’t change the evidence but we have the opportunity to interpret evidence in any way we want to and I am confident it will impact the emotion we feel.

“What others think of you is none of your business. If you start to make that business your business, you will be offended for the rest of your life.”

— Deepak Chopra

Life is filled with experiences and these are factual and not negotiable. Experiences consist of everything that happened in the past, it includes other people and everything outside of ourselves.

How you choose to perceive the experience and interpret it is totally up to you.

When looking at yourself, the only thing you can control are the thoughts you have about your life. If you can only control your own thoughts, how do you think you can ever control anyone else’s thoughts, especially about you. What someone thinks of you is not only none of your business but it’s simply their opinion from their perspective.

Some people will be naturally drawn to you and enjoy your company while others may dislike you from the moment you meet. The more you try to ‘make’ them like you, the less they probably will.

Most people spend so much of their time trying to control what other people think of them. When you understand that what other people think of you is none of your business, you gain freedom

Wisdom/ What I'm Reading...

The Buddha and the Badass: The Secret Spiritual Art of Succeeding at Work

Vishen Lakhiani

I pre ordered this book the minute it was released, having read his previous book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind"

I have experienced and enjoyed a number of the courses and content on Mindvalley. Many of the contributors and themes from this book are derived from courses on the Mindvalley platform.

This is a business learning book backed with extraordinary philosophical concepts and practical everyday exercises. This is a great book if you want to learn about conscious living, thriving, and personal development.

The Buddha is the archetype of the spiritual master.

The person who can live in this world but also move with an ease, grace, and flow that comes from inner awareness and alignment.

The Badass is the archetype of the change-maker. This is the person who is out there creating change, building, coding, writing, inventing, leading. The badass represents the benevolent disruptor--the person challenging the norms so we can be better as a species.

Once you integrate the skill sets of both archetypes, you will experience life at a different level from most people. You will operate from a space of bliss, ease, inspiration, and abundance.

Author Biography.

Vishen is an author and entrepreneur in the ed-tech space. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, an education technology company specialising in learning experience design. Mindvalley creates tech and platforms that power online academies in areas that traditional education ignores. These include mindfulness, personal growth, wellness, spirituality and more.

Get the book here

From the Back Cover

Have You Ever Noticed How Some People Have All the Luck at Work?

They generate ideas on the fly. They magnetically attract the right people. Others crave joining their missions, their companies, their teams. They move with fluidity and ease, nailing projects with a smile on their face. Getting the coveted raises and promotions. These superstars are often able to get in the zone, displaying remarkable focus and creativity. They are masters of relationships, forging close ties with their teams and everyone around them. When they do business, it's about win-win. And one of the most unique qualities they seem to have is remarkable luck. Things just go easy for them. It seems like the Universe bends in their favour.

This book is about how to join them.

From the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind comes a new book about awakening the twin powers of the Buddha--the spiritual master--and the Badass - the change maker who challenges the status quo. You already have both inside you. Once awakened, they will transform the way you work.

Widget of the Week...

The reinvention of email

Email’s a treasure, it deserves better, so I decided to change my provider.

If you’re anything like me, email stopped being a pleasure a while ago. It’s now a cluttered compilation of other people’s demands. We’re getting a seriously bad deal - Anyone can email us and marketing companies can track our behaviour!

Email is just too important to let it slide. Hey! is a fresh new take on email, giving you control again.

It's a profound shift, and it’s profoundly effective.

You’ll never go back to the pre-HEY-days.

Fresh starts are rare in life, and a pristine, unspoiled email address is even rarer, so a email address is a unique pleasure.

One last thing. My Hey! email doesn’t accept email signatures, so please share all details you want me to see on the body of the email.

You’ll control your email, it won’t control you.

Come and join the revolution

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, only email.

Email as you know it is out the door. Email as you want it just arrived. HEY’s totally familiar, but completely different.

The evolution of HEY: from humble beginnings to a multi-platform email service

See you next week...


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