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Blogging empowers me to build character and discipline - it’s a challenge to sit down and write and do it consistently.

It gives me the ability to share the lessons I learn with many others. It’s my thought journal. It allows me to read more and write more. 


If you aspire to be a writer (as i do), you have to do two things - read lots and write lots 

Many people have told me how they enjoy my blog every week... It truly is a humbling experience when people read and gain value from your research and articles.

Since I started blogging, most of my free time is spent reading interesting books and blogs, immersed in audiobooks and podcasts or watching confidence building videos and TED talks. It has allowed me to build better habits. 

In the preparation of every weekly blog there is a lot of reading, research, thought and learning; ultimately all traits for growth.

In establishing my blog site, I am able to showcase the content I am most passionate about and offer my perspective to influence the reader to dwell a little deeper and gain more knowledge. 

I truly hope you too are motivated to share your learning through life’s incredible journey.




Priyesh is a third-generation entrepreneur and mentor who has built, developed, scaled, and invested in companies across multiple sectors, including distribution, technology, micro-finance as well as early stage startup ventures.

Priyesh promotes simplicity and strives to be intentional whilst maintaining a minimalist approach to life.

He is a dynamic leader, an avid reader and passionate about personal development, health, fitness, and mental wellness

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and educated in the UK.  He firmly believes that African businesses and people can have a significant positive impact on global economies. This belief drives his commitment to African engagement and excellence.

He is often asked to speak about developing trends, business initiatives and strategic relationships. He is a passionate philanthropist.

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